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A really fun little game.

I loved playing this game, it was so good, I couldn't figure out all the endings, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Also made a video for it:

I got bad ending, worst ending and then good ending! And it really was the right order to do them so that you won't feel sad after xD
Really good plot though. I was hoping for at least more subtext but as for the game itself it was really nice :3

(Although I admit I played without the music because it annoyed me.)

I like it.

It's interesting story about two paranormal-things investigators and mysterious beast.  With nice artstyle and original plot, and a bit of yuri love <3 

cool really like it you got just the right pacing for the dialog and the grammar & artwork is perfect great stuff, great lead in to the horror, here is my playthrough 


I can't for the life of me figure out what the third ending is! Other than that, I've really enjoyed this game. Nice feel overall - great work!


Really nice stuff! Great art style and a sweet ending. Neat work!


I really loved this! I got both bad endings. Still trying to find the third. In any case, the art was really pretty, loved the music and the concept. 5/5!


such a great game! to me it was pretty scary (i'm really not good with horror...), but i loved it. the story was really great, and the art and music too. short, but i got really invested in it!


I loved this game soo much, gosh, the concept is great and it's so much fun to play, I think the balance of lore/character dev/gameplay is perfect! 5/5 I love it <3


For me, it has been a while since i played a quick, well made point click game that i really enjoyed.

Although i was able to finish the game in about 50 minutes (read the descriptions for most of the items) I found the game very engaging. I personally liked the concept of the story with the couple who hunt for paranormal activities, only this time they get more than they expected! Being advertised as a horror game, i didn't get uneasy for most of it, except for the part when you enter the dining room ( not spoiling it ;); with that being said though, the game still has a special charm to it throughout the time I played. Overall a quick, yet very enjoyable game.

I would also like to give extra credit to the artist who drew the characters/backgrounds throughout the game; it really added to the overall experience! :)